Sweet Extravagance: Check out America’s Most Expensive Home

Go big or go home makes this season’s ultimate motto, so all the more to check out America’s most expensive home, fittingly titled “Billionaire”. Fit for billionaires indeed, this massive mansion brings a whole new level of decadence and stark extravagance – whilst most billionaires seemed content with their $50 million homes, another group of multi-billionaires might desire something far more extraordinary.

Developer Bruce Makowsky began his project with an intense study of earth and sky, before he found a sweet site in the sprawling hills of Bel Air, boasting impeccable views spanning the San Gabriel Mountains to Malibu’s Pacific Ocean beaches. The interiors are expectedly lavish, with a remarkable 17,000 square feet of outdoor deck living space juxtaposed against the grand indoors spanning 21,000 square feet… or in other words, “The Basics”.

A grand mansion like so demands an extremely extravagant display, that would surely be unmatched with two master suites, ten large VIP guest suites, 21 luxury baths, three gourmet kitchens and five bars. With all that space, we wonder why there isn’t anything more. But then again, the mansion comes with a modern fitness center and of course, your very own massage studio and wellness spa.

That’s just the tip of the ice berg though – enter a 40-seat James Bond-themed theater, a four-lane bowling alley and lounge and a spectacular, 85-foot, glass-tile infinity swimming pool. The opulent mansion of mansions is also well equipped with a sweet collection of more than a hundred notable works of art for some atmosphere.

In case you ever get lost or tired scaling the stairs, two lavish elevators come in handy, with a finishing touch of alligator upholstery for a gesture of extravagance. At $250 million, you might call this magnificent mansion a steal.

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