Start Up Tech Companies to Look Out For in 2017

IPO activity will likely go wild this year, experts say. Given the lightening load of political and economic pressures, 2017 is slated to climb upwards from a relatively quiet previous year. The world may be more familiar with the big guns in the tech world, but we’ve highlighted the smaller tech start-up companies to watch this year:

Medical Miracle

In the era of selfie-drones, there is one drone that actually saves lives. Zipline has launched drones that will transport urgent medical supplies, including vaccines, medicines and blood. The world’s first commercial drone delivery service triumphs over the many companies still stuck in the experimentation phase of drone building, and proves useful in countries like Rwanda which struggle with poor roads and a difficult healthcare infrastructure.

Morning News for Millennials

Aptly titled morning newsletter now comes with an accompanying app, condensing world news into easy reads. The new generation can now easily digest clever blurbs that declare world news in bite-sized versions. Founded by two former journalists, TheSkimm declares that it “[makes] it easier for you to be smarter.”

Last Minute Tickets to Live Events

What do you do when you have tickets to a live sports game you can no longer attend? Gametime takes care of your newly unwanted tickets. On the flipside, perhaps you have decided to catch a sold-out game at the very last minute. The app transforms the trading frustrations into effortless transactions, and now tops the list as the fastest ticketing company to ever reach gross sales of $50 million.

Fiction for the Snapchat Generation

A self-proclaimed movement to encourage “fiction for the Snapchat generation”, Hooked provides text in the style of chat messages to appeal to the new generation, so reading becomes “addictive for teens”. The novel idea condenses thick novels and lengthy stories into bite-sized readings, making stories a “mobile-first experience”. Warner Bros have reportedly started to invest in the company, including others from the movie industry. Think of it as fiction, but like text messaging

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