Chase the Northern Lights from the Aurora Bubble Sled

Image: Kilpissafarit

Heading to Finland to see the beautiful Aurora Borealis? Most people would head immediately for the usual hotels, or think that staying at one of those igloo villages would be an exotic enough experience.

But for something even more unconventional, indulge in rare solitude as you view the Northern Lights away from most people right from the comfort of a tiny sled-pod towed by a sleek snowmobile. You will find yourself in the middle of nowhere (if that does not creep you out) where you can admire the magnificent spectacle relatively privately.

The Aurora Bubble Sled is part of Off the Map Travel in Kilpisjarvi, Finland, which many deem as one of the best spots in the world to chase the famed lights. The basic bubble provides necessary warmth and comfort, and while two people will fit comfortable, a maximum of four people can be accommodated for night excursions.

With a 180-degree transparent polycarbonate roof and glass fiber porthole windows on the sides, one can indulge in an uninterrupted view of the breathtaking spectacle. Don’t worry about being lost in the wilderness though – after being towed out, guests can still reach their guide at any point from a mobile phone that will be provided.

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