Celebrate Success with Fred’s White Gold Collection

One of Fred’s signature collections, the Success range, has taken on a swanky new vibe, bringing out sweet curves and cool geometry with an updated, contemporary look. The newly titled “Success Celebration” brings on an air of triumph and new style with this dazzling new series, harmonizing beautiful craftsmanship with sleek lines.

The Success collection first made its debut in 2000, with lavish proportions, harmonious lines, and that characteristic Fred touch with an enduring timelessness.

The juxtaposition of two geometric shapes marries the idea of strength and grace with a soft circle and a crisp square. Like its predecessor, the new Success Celebration adds on to the original energy with a touch of subtle elegance, bringing a fascinating mix of short and long baguettes with interesting curves.

“A Fred jewel is like so many particles of light that bring brilliance to everyday life, a series of bold, exquisite lines rekindling desire,” said founder Fred Samuel.

Indeed, this collection observes an elusive kind of brilliance, where ostentation is downplayed and asymmetry reveals a soft sensuality. Choose from a set of earrings, a bracelet or a broad ring in this excellent collection, mounted on white gold and entirely set with glistening white diamonds.

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