An Authentic 12 Ft Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton You Could Buy For $2,390,000

Photos: Theropoda Expedition

The world’s beloved prehistoric creature, the Tyrant Lizard King, has long been a familiar fixture in world culture, from history books and paleontological dissertations to Hollywood blockbusters à la the iconic Jurassic Park franchise. You’d think the famous fossils you see in those museums are exactly where they belong, but what if you could buy one of them for your home, and all 12-feet of it for $2,390,000?

Specimen TE-036, nicknamed “Roosevelt” after the American president, is based on the two partial specimens of the dinosaur found south of Fort Peck Lake, and is a premium quality composited model of the iconic creature. The Lake’s area, especially Garfield County, is famed for producing among the highest quality specimens of Tyrannosaurus rex ever discovered.

“Roosevelt” is a compilation of three partial specimens of Tyrannosaurus rex, recovered in Montana and Wyoming, with absent bones replaced with high quality replica. While specimens were recovered from sites that are fairly distant from each other, the three sites had a similar matrix of largely clay and mudstone, and also exhibited a similar overall size and preserved condition that made each specimen a natural fit for each other.

The bones exhibit a great overall quality, with solid outer surfaces and beautiful detail, with all recovered fossils stabilized for mounting and fully cleaned. Its natural dark brown patina is a common for fossils like such that have been recovered from Hell Creek Formation and other similar iron-rich geological formations.

About 45% of the overall skeleton is complete, where representative material is composited from every skeletal region, which collectively date back to about 65.5 – 72 million-years ago (back in the Maastrichtian age of the Late Cretaceous epoch).


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